Knight in Soaking Clothing

by Sanctified Brother

The showers last night didn’t let up until the filth of New York City was washed to and fro. It was enough to keep the miscreants indoors and out of the way of normal, law-abiding citizens. Like my wife. She worked late and couldn’t get home from the bus stop because of the deluge.

I received a text, Im stuck waiting for the rain to die down, to which I answered with a Jobsian OK

Every square inch of me wanted to hop my tired behind in bed and shut out the night, however duty called. I got dressed, grabbed a waterproof poncho for my wife, and hustled to the bus stop. There she was, wet and almost melted. Sucanat doesn’t do well in the water. She put on the poncho, I took her bag, and we went quietly back home. I dodged a few raindrops on my way back.