Excuse Me, Can You Repay My Student Loan?

by Sanctified Brother

I don’t think the quarter the man was asking me for would help anything, in the grand scheme of things. I mean smokes are $15 a pack and a bottle of liquor is how much? Twenty five cents can’t buy much of anything in the Empire State.

Jesus said, “…ask and you shall receive…” He also said that it will be done “…according to your faith.” Believe you can get a million and look for someone to lay a million on you. Believe you have to stand on the corner and beg for a quarter and you’ll be standing there broke and destitute with your hand out looking like a cheaply-dressed statue left in people’s way. Move.

Reach for the stars. Ask for more. God knows your needs and is willing to take care of them for you. The Good Book says that God will provide for “…all your needs according to His riches in glory.” That means you should consider him your benefactor (don’t get it twisted: He’s not your Sugar Daddy). Go ahead and ask Him. I’m making a few requests right now and know they’ll come to fruition very soon. Perhaps I should ask God to handle my student loan…

Read this: Matthew 7:7, Matthew 9:29, Philippians 4:19