Here’s My Card

by Sanctified Brother

It looks like the folks in this church are warming up to us. They’ve gotten familiar with seeing us come in every week on their turf and claim the same seats every week. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for folks to decide whether or not you’ll bite and they’ll come out of their comfort zone to accept you when they’re satisfied.

I don’t really know where we fit in because I don’t know the people yet. Church is usually split up in age groups and interests, like 30-somethings with small families. Still, it looks like the folks who have gravitated to us the most fit two broad categories: leadership and progressive adults. Maybe that’s where we’ll hang.

To the folks who have started to welcome us: Thank you for extending the olive branch to us and being Christlike. We appreciate your smiles and welcoming conversation. Everything that you’re doing is making it easy for us to fit into this new church family.