Sabbath Worship June 8, 2012

by Sanctified Brother

The sun set around 8:20-something and I was well-prepared for the Sabbath, hours before sunset. It’s always a relief knowing that you’ve baked what you had to bake and boiled what you had to boil so that all your work is done. The children didn’t require much arm twisting to get their clothing ready either and I already had my options figured out days before: fresh striped shirt with french cuffs paired with a diagonally striped shirt. Primo.

I made a scrumptious dinner of General Tso’s tofu and noodles with a baked potato. Everything was arranged artistically on the fancy coated ceramic plates with the heavy silverware so there was an arrangement of clanking and slurping while forks were placed on plates and coated, tangy noodles were slurped up to be chewed and and swallowed. Giggling children signified sauce splashing on the walls or their shirts and I knew I’d have a bit more cleaning up to do after dinner.

We read a few paragraphs in The Adventist Home and discussed the subject matter in an off-the-cuff forum. My children do better when I have them internalize the reading and search for deeper meaning. It becomes applicable to them when the see it in relation to their environment and peer group. That works for grown folks who think the Bible isn’t suited for them. Brother, there’s some stories in there that match your daily life, too. Read up.

Wrap Up
Showers and bed, the best combo. Everyone took their front row seats on the trip to la la land and I hung out just a little longer unloading the thoughts and activities of the day by looking at sleepy cat pictures on the web. Their yawning and dozing gave me ample encouragement to follow suit. Lights out.