Say What, Sister?

by Sanctified Brother

The moody rain finally decided to get its attitude together and sit tight long enough for us to make it to prayer meeting last night. It was fun dodging raindrops and splashed puddles. It just wasn’t the best activity before sitting down in the sanctuary trying to show reverence and get some Jesus in my head: I found myself a bit light-hearted and carefree.

There was a sister conducting the program when I got there. She wasn’t talking directly into the mic so her words were difficult to hear. Worse, she chopped her words in a coarse, staccato disharmony when she spoke that made it difficult to follow along. It was like listening to a motley crew of inebriated brothers after a funeral trying to sing a round of an unfamiliar hymn. Ugh.

It was entertaining to watch, though. She’d start a sentence, botch the words, pause, figure something out in her head, start over, stumble, correct herself, apologize, and start this routine over and over again throughout the night. It reminded me of a dancing bear trying to boogie with some soul.

She shouldn’t have been up there confusing folks and all, stammering and stuttering. Right?


She’s the one God allowed to be there for whatever reason He allowed. That’s her opportunity to learn first hand how to do her job as a Christian leader, how to speak in front of His people, and how to develop a thick enough skin to ignore the snickers from miscreants in the back of the sanctuary (ahem). She won’t get that on-the-job training otherwise.

The day will come when she’ll be able to rock the mic with authority, with perfect pitch and diction, with breath control and eye contact. You won’t catch me snickering then.

Read this: Philippians 1:6