Thanks for the Ride, Brother

by Sanctified Brother

Christians aren’t a bunch of stuffed-shirt Jesus freaks indifferent to the struggles of their brothers around them. They’re cognizant, positive, conscious individuals looking to give a helping hand. I tip my hat to all of the brothers and sisters who go the extra mile to offer a piece of comfort to those in need.

We were the recipients of such a blessing after prayer meeting on Wednesday. I am grateful for the ride home in the Beemer X5 instead of walking to the iron horse in the rain. The children and I don’t mind braving the elements and navigating puddles and slugs on rain-slicked Brooklyn streets, shiny and black in their nighttime elegance. The wife on the other hand, is made of Sucanat and will melt if exposed to the rain so we have to always entertain the option of a horse-drawn carriage (yes, dear…).

To our patron escort: Bless you, brother. Your good deed will be recorded in heaven and Jesus will bless you for blessing us. You showed true Christianity and we respect you for that.