The Touch of Faith

by Sanctified Brother

(Sermon Synopsis)

The sermon in church today touched on a familiar topic in church circles: the woman with the issue of blood. Briefly, she had serious female trouble: a super-sized period that lasted 12 whole years. Not 12 days, like an extended period that would make the sisters freak out (how much more the brothers!), we’re talking 12 years.

Somehow this sister decided that her best chance to dry up the red sea and say goodbye to Aunt Flow was to get next to Jesus and lay a hold of his church clothes. New York City sisters are tough, so this sister must have been hardcore to try that. Listen, a man’s church clothing is his personal statement. Don’t go bloodying it up.

She thought that touching Jesus’ three-piece would have been sufficient to get her touch-up. It wasn’t. Many folks during that period, as well as today, hold on to superstitious beliefs that lead them to do physical tasks instead of faith-based tasks. This poor sister unknowingly did a physical task that was the natural result of a faith-based task. She benefitted even though she took the wrong step.

Jesus wanted to clarify the situation when he called her to task. Sure, she was afraid. She had already been an outcast for 12 years, now He’s going to embarrass her in front of all these church folks? She probably thought He was going to stone her. Sisters get kicked out of church for much softer offenses, so I could understand her apprehension.

All He did was reassure her. Whew. No stoning, no throwing of holy water, no weave yanked out. Jesus let her know that it was His power, not his clothing, that offered her the healing that her mind and body needed. So  put those healing beads away. Reach out and touch Jesus. That’s all you have to do.