The First Sabbath of Summer

by Sanctified Brother

Here it is: the first Sabbath of summer. There’s always something special about the first something. The first car. The first kiss. The first brother on the block… Firsts are milestones that anchor you to the significance of a special time or place. Never forget them. Always learn from them.

The beautiful weather we have today—a gorgeous 72 degrees—is such that no one can complain. God gave us beautiful breeze and golden sunshine as a metaphor: He’s using that to tell us, “all is well. Trust me: I have things under control.”

I sincerely hope you pause long enough today for simple adoration of God’s remarkable creation masterpiece. Isn’t it grand? Just think: God specifically tuned the climate today for our comfort and convenience. That’s a personal God, a God that truly cares.

What’ll you remember most about the first Sabbath of summer? How about making it special by deciding to spend some undisturbed time with God asking those pressing questions that you always wanted to ask Him? Just you and God. Your first time. Make it special.