Sabbath Worship June 1, 2012

by Sanctified Brother

This was one of those weeks where I gave it my all and was exhausted from the busyness of activity and concern, assignments and attempts. Sometimes I want to just drop it all and hibernate under my covers on Sabbath mornings until all of the head stress is gone.

I have a plump goose down comforter on my bed. It has amazing warmth and sound blocking abilities. Once I’m tucked under it the external noises are reduced to muffles. I can imagine just hiding away under there and drifting away into blissful rest, welcoming serendipitous thoughts and visions as I sink deeper and deeper into uncompromised sleep, unconcerned with the activities all around me…

Yield not to temptation…

OK, I’ll stay awake.

We started with a playful Sabbath song and prayer. The idea is to start the celebration in an enjoyable way and stay excited about the Sabbath. We like to celebrate the Sabbath with singing and enjoyment, not rote rituals that Hollywood has trained everyone to believe us Jesus freaks endure.

Everybody was eager to dig into dinner. I like to make something mouth-watering, colorful, and aromatic for our celebrations. Sabbath is a special day so I served Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Wings (from Gardein), brown rice with green field peas, steamed kale, and avocado slices on the side. Everyone went back for thirds. No leftovers. Amen.

The sun set around 8:20PM. Summertime Sabbaths always start late so I have to make worship services brief. That doesn’t mean it has to be weak. Tonight’s devotional was about Drake’s YOLO. It’s a catchy phrase and many people are involving themselves in foolish behavior, reasoning “YOLO.”

The devotional broke down why YOLO is a dangerous concept to rationalize (especially for impressionable children who woefully look up to these irresponsible entertainment influences) and everyone in the family pitched in their opinion.

Our family is good at that. I lead the devotionals and get everyone’s insight and feedback. That allows everyone in the family to understand the topic, get to see how we each think, and that we are all on the same page as to the merits or dangers of the topic.

Wrap Up
We called it a night after that. We showered, unwound, said our prayers, and turned the light out. (I stayed up just a little later and watched a few short Christian movies on YouTube and then called it a night.) Early to bed, early to rise. I don’t want to start the day late. I’m looking forward to a good breakfast and church in the morning.