Fresh New Outfit for Church

by Sanctified Brother

My son is officially a teenager now and it’s best that he start dressing the part of a mature child when he goes to church. He used to love running around the sanctuary in a little striped, long-sleeve, buttoned-down collar cotton oxford shirt with Old Navy khaki shorts, little socks rolled down, and some kind of playful rubber soled shoes. His little legs would show as they dangled from the pew (oh, how many times did he have mosquito stings all over those little brown legs!).

He’s a small teenager—he has my diminutive stature—so suits and ties make him look like a ventriloquist’s puppet. Besides, the off-the-rack, ill-fitting, cookie-cutter suits commonly available are just terrible. They make colors suitable for funerals or carnivals with no practical options between. He doesn’t want to go to church looking like a jackleg preacher and I wholeheartedly support his mature sense of fashion.

I remember him telling me that he wanted to stop wearing jeans and start wearing slacks and chuckas, like I do. I nearly choked on my smoothie (I maintained my composure, difficult though it was) and smiled reassuringly at my son, proud that he was beginning to take his appearance seriously.

We went to Macy’s to find something a step up from the Old Navy look and a few miles away from the off-the-rack ugly pimp suits and we struck gold. Both of us were surprised at the outfit we were able to assemble.

We found a Calvin Klein button down, striped dress shirt. No breast pocket, thankfully. Breast pockets are ubiquitous and terribly utilitarian. They have no practical purpose on a dress shirt so I avoid them.

Flat front dress slacks for a 13 year old? Classy. We picked up a charcoal grey pair of Calvin Kleins. Nice.

Kenneth Cole Driving Dime LE loafers: comfortable and church-appropriate. Well done.

I love the outfit and—more importantly—he does, too. My son’s appearance is a few notches up from where it was before. He got a new haircut this week so his appearance is impeccable. My little boy, sharp as a tack for church.