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Month: June, 2012

Why are the Men’s Toilets So Close Together?

Toilets Too Close Together

I wonder if the plumbing crew spent time checking their work. I wonder if they looked at their sketches first. I wonder if these were grown men who installed these stalls. I wonder if the person responsible is available to speak with because I’d love to sit down with him (or her?) over a nice smoothie and tactfully ask, “Why are the men’s toilets so close together?”

Men don’t like the idea of sharing and they don’t like the idea of sharing personal space. Neither do men like the idea of going to the bathroom and standing next to someone else and trying to situate themselves, elbows jostling for the optimal placement for convenience in unzipping, unbuckling, standing back to avoid splashing, and trying not to let cold and wet porcelain touch their body parts. That’s nasty.

I sure hope nobody squeezes in there and starts peeping left and right. They might have to lay “holy hands” on the perp and throw him out…


Don’t Forget the Sabbath

Don’t forget the Sabbath,
The Lord our God hath blest,
Of all the week the brightest,
Of all the week the best;
It brings repose from labor,
It tells of joy divine,
Its beams of light descending,
With heav’nly beauty shine.


Welcome, welcome, ever welcome,
Blessed Sabbath day,
Welcome, welcome, ever welcome,
Blessed Sabbath day.

Keep the Sabbath holy,
And worship Him today,
Who said to His disciples,
“I am the living Way”;
And if we meekly follow
Our Savior here below,
He’ll give us of the fountain
Whose streams eternal flow.


Day of sacred pleasure!
Its golden hours we’ll spend
In thankful hymns to Jesus,
The children’s dearest Friend;
O gentle, loving, Savior,
How good and kind Thou art,
How precious is Thy promise
To dwell in every heart!


© Fan­ny Cros­by (1820-1915)

We Had Something this Morning

The fleeting moment of 78 degrees this morning suggested a breeze—a whisper, actually. Faint and incredulous, Succinct and Ephemeral was its name and personality. It would have been better had it been named Hope or Faith or Perseverance; it’ll be 94 degrees soon.

Goodbye, my love.

What’s Going On with Our Kids?

One of my online friends, a blogger named diaryofanegress, posed a thought-provoking question on her blog. I began typing a response and realized that it was equal in length to a new post so I decided to create a new post here.

diaryofanegress mentioned:

I went to main street the other day and saw this little girl, probably around 14 or 15, with low-slung pants and a thong showing above her waistband! I stopped to stare at her. I thought to myself, at that age, if I had worn that, my mama would’ve whooped my black [behind]. What’s going on with our kids, people?

This topic always invigorates the activist in me and I look for the nearest, rickety soap box to stand on, pump my fist violently in the air, and preach to the unconverted. So what’s the problem? People are getting naked. Now it’s teenagers. I’ve always maintained that each generation gets progressively worse so the decadent condition of our people is to be expected. You’ll have to understand I come from the perspective of a born-again Christian with a functional brain (I hate sheeple), so my perspective will have a spiritual and practical undertone.

Mass-media has played a significant role in deteriorating the moral fabric of the world, resulting in lowered standards, lack of respect, and a general disdain for the liberating principalities of Christianity.

Children can now, more than before, do [whatever they want] without concern for being held accountable to their parents, teachers, or anyone else. Those who came before them had relaxed standards and were not penalized for their illicit behavior so they were [generally] in no position to reprimand the generation that came next. The cycle continues.

The music, athletes, food, media consumption, clothing, relentless pursuit of the almighty green God, and lifestyle choices have led to a paralyzed adult population that tends to be abdicratic when it comes to disciplining their children, so much that they’re afraid to tell their daughter to, “cover your behind.”

Self-respect has gone the way of the dodo. Why else would a child display her body and underwear to the general population? This blatant attempt at physical attention shows a deficiency in self-respect. Why don’t they impress their potential suitors with their intelligence, grace, poise, and Christian values? Because they can’t. They don’t have it…yet. Little sisters, listen: your hips, curves, and dimples do not make you a woman of worth. Your heart does. Little brothers, take note: her smile and kisses do not equate to love.

I believe we need to seize the time and go through a productive rite of passage, even as adults. We have to mature and transition to responsible adulthood and take responsibility for the future. Our collective future is at stake. We have to learn what love is (and how it is not equated to hot sex, designer clothing, appearances, and the perceived safety of wealth), what responsibility is (everything from “manning up” and being a father to the child that you created when you were physically or psychologically a boy, becoming a woman of God and treating your body as the temple that it is, not making it available for cheap inputs and localized branding by the alpha males on the block, and giving our bodies the necessary attention for a healthy lifestyle), and how our actions and choices determine where we will spend eternity. That’s right: there is a heaven and a hell. You will exist in one or the other.

I call upon all responsible adults to take up your swords and shields. Defend your children and those in your sphere of influence. Show them what a real man and woman can do so they will learn by example and continue the noble tradition of creating a proud people who have a beautiful future ahead of them.

Sabbath Worship June 29, 2012

Sabbath celebrations in the summer are a mixed blessing. On the one hand you get to participate in what you would ordinarily do six days per week as long as possible, sometimes up to 9PM. Sabbath begins so late that you go to bed shortly after. On the other hand, you don’t end Sabbath until the same time the following night. It seems unfair, in a selfish way…

The sun set at 8:30 tonight and we ate dinner right after. We had spaghetti with vegan bolognese sauce and a side salad. It’s difficult to eat much during the celebration when it’s as hot as it was today. 90-some-odd degrees of punishing New York City heat reminds me of the sweltering summers black people endured in the south picking cotton and lifting their eyes toward heaven, waiting for relief on all fronts. I don’t like it.

Nevertheless, I’m happy to be alive and able to enjoy the creature comforts of the thriving metropolis, so I give thanks and ask the Lord to bless the less fortunate who can’t enjoy the same liberties I do.

Tonight’s worship was brief: we read a few paragraphs on choosing a life partner in The Adventist Home. The children follow along and offer very constructive commentary. This proves to me that they can follow along with advanced counsel and exchange with the adults. That’s great.

Wrap Up
Showers and bed. The heat was thick and imposing so everyone took a shower and retired for the night. Has the heat ever made you feel drained? That’s what it’s like now: no energy, no effort. Tomorrow’s another day so I’ll see what kind of blessing I can be to somebody…

What Vegetable is a Fish?

My being a vegan has caused me to endure some amazing brain farts on behalf of the uninitiated. I know the poor souls mean well, really. It’s just that they have a way of saying and doing the most embarrassing things at times.

I had time before a meeting in SoHo and stopped at a new restaurant that served vegan food. It was like a spring of fresh water in the dessert. I needed refreshments and there was a place prepared to satisfy my need.

The helpful waitstaff assured me that they had great vegan food:


You’ve got to be kidding me. All they had to serve in this great, big melting pot of a city for a vegan to eat is a salad?

And, there’s fish.

Sister, what vegetable is a fish? I chose not to be a self-righteous vegan and condemn her because her pesco- got mixed up with my heck no. She had a brain fart. Cranial flatulence. The bad kind.

I’m sure she meant well, so I didn’t hold it against her. Neither did I order anything with her. I kept my peace and kept on walking to my meeting. At least that was fulfilling.

Times are Hard

Times Are Hard

Jesus and the Bent-Over Woman

(Sermon Synopsis)

There was a sister in the Bible that had 18 years of punishing pain that caused her weakened body to be bent over, twisted and contorted in discomfort. She happened to be on the scene when Jesus was in church preaching his heart out and that coincidental meeting changed her life forever.

Folks would always come out in droves when Jesus was around because they knew there was no other action in town when He showed up. They would flock to his appearances like people do for today’s pop stars, except they’d leave with something of value instead of temporary tinnitus and dashed dreams of seeing their pop star idol up close before he was whisked away to do something more important than mug with an unimportant fan(atic).

Our hero Jesus is different. He’s concerned with our issues and does what’s necessary to fix things up for us, just like he did with the crippled sister in the story. Jesus stopped preaching His sermon when He saw her and called her out (I know she must have been embarrassed. I’ve seen sisters get called out and their hair wasn’t done, teeth weren’t in, body was out of shape, etc. It’s not the most enviable position to be in.). He told her that she was immediately free from what was bending her over, placed His healing hands on her, then she straightened up and praised God.

What’s bending you over? What’s weighing you down and handicapping you for so long?

Jesus notices the bruised ones. The single mother. The single father. The crippled. The less fortunate. The unemployed. The crackhead. The prostitute. You. Me. Jesus sees what’s troubling us. He calls us today and offers healing and freedom from what’s bending us over. He can do it.

Read this: Luke 13:10-17

Communion Today

I’m looking forward to the sacred ceremony of communion today. It’s an important ceremony because you get a mini-baptism and get freed from the accumulation of dirt you’ve gotten on yourself over the last little while.

Secretly, I’m really looking forward to the bread and grape juice. I always look for the biggest piece of bread and the “cup” with the most juice in it. We get plastic thimbles with a sip of juice in it while the disciples drank from a real cup. I bet they walked away from the table full, rubbing their stomachs and laughing in delight.

We church folks, on the other hand, walk away with our tastebuds on overdrive because of the sweet concord grape juice and tiny fragments of crackers. We can’t get another bite to eat until lunch time so my stomach will be making noises during the sermon. I think I’ll pack a snack and dip out when the coast is clear…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I created a monster. Meet Frankenonion, the repugnant bulb that doesn’t look too bright. This unfortunate fellow fell behind my vegetable rack and I discovered him only after he morphed into the tentacled mess that you see above.