Sanctified Brother

The Good One That Got Taken.

Happy New Year

Congratulations. You made it. You’re one of the fortunate few who survived one of the hardest years on record and made it safely into 2014. Happy new year to you!

Keep in mind that the Lord God preserved you. It had nothing to do with your money or your physique. Your car or your degree. Or retirement fund. It was nothing but God’s grace. Give Him the credit.

I wish you peace and prosperity this year. Make the most of it!


I Don’t Mind Waiting

“I don’t mind waiting,
I don’t mind waiting,
I don’t mind waiting on the Lord…”

Even the best of us—or the strongest of us—find waiting on the Lord to be a challenge that we’d rather not face. The wait itself isn’t the problem because we’ve grown accustomed to waiting for things all our lives. We’ve waited for slavery to end, we’ve waited for civil rights to be respected, we’ve waited for justice to be delivered…we’re accustomed to waiting. Read the rest of this entry »

Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home

If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, traveling from place to place, would you do it? Do you need a home base? What makes a place “home” to you? Daily Prompt

No, the nomadic life isn’t for me. I prefer to stay anchored to one place where I can be an effective citizen and minister on earth, getting much goodwill done for mankind. That’s the nature of my life now—service to mankind, because I love the Lord God. Then, when my work is done here, I look forward to moving on to my real and final home—heaven.

People, it’s later than you think. We have to be ready to meet the Lord. This old world can’t handle much more of the evil that’s happening, nor can it handle much more of the hidden agendas and undercover evil in the hearts of [men]. The recent verdict in the Trayvon Martin case revealed the ugly hatred woven deep in the fabric of this country we call home. That’s unfortunate, though, because no one with that disease of hate in their heart will have a rewarding life or make it to heaven.

Many people disagree, and I respect their opinion. I prefer to err on the side of believing in a perfect heaven and a loving God. There’s a 50/50 chance that I’m wrong or right. If I’m wrong, I would have simply lived a useful life on earth where I made the world a better place. If I’m right, I’m on a one-way trip out of here and there’s nothing else I could do for anyone else when my ticket is called (it’ll get blazing hot down here, too).  The stakes are too high, in my opinion, it’s just not worth the gamble. People, get ready.

Read this: Hebrews 11:10; Hebrews 11:14-16

The Eyes of His Heart

The Eyes of His Heart from Ty Staples on Vimeo.

Here’s a well-produced short film I watched recently. It has an interesting message and a stunning ending.

“Helena Hughes, a lady blind from birth, meets Thomas Mann, a photojournalist for the news. When Thomas asks Helena to marry him, she refuses because she feels that she cannot be everything he would need in a wife due to her disability. As a result, she undergoes a corneal eye transplant in order to gain the ability of sight. The procedure is a success and she is able to see Thomas for the first time. He then asks her, ‘Now that you can see me totally and wholly…will you be my wife?’”

He Came To Set the Captive Free

His Love is Better Than Wine

Twenty-three days ago three young women were freed.  They had been held captive for over a decade and the sad thing is they were held hostage a mere 3 miles from their abducted locations.

A mere 1 mile from my current residence in Cleveland, OH.

Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry & Gina DeJesus had their lives permanently altered and they will never be the same again.  Although both Berry and DeJesus were featured on America’s Most Wanted, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The Montel Williams Show, the exposure to their disappearances via media coverage proved fruitless.  In the end, it was a couple of local neighbors who proved to be their heroes.

A man named Ariel Castro, the homeowner of where the victims were held hostage, is accused of kidnapping the girls one by one and misleading them to his home.  He allegedly raped and beat them for…

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Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?Daily Prompt

I’d switch blogs with the insensitive blogger who posts pictures, articles, and videos of hapless victims enduring their fate. The blogger who enjoys showcasing others getting bullied or abused. The blogger who finds it amusing to take photos and videos of vulnerble indivduals, like the sleeping homeless, the young woman with a wardrobe malfunction, the unfortunate African-American male who looks like a perpetrator, the young woman who cuts herself, the single mother whose part-time job is servicing every male who says he’ll give her money.

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The Miracle of “Had To”

(Sermon Synopsis)

Pastor Bernard Penn

Jesus “had to” go through Samaria. The Jews always went around Samaria. Going through Samaria wasn’t a geographical “had to” because everyone went around Samaria. Jews didn’t like the Samaritans so they avoided them at all costs, even to the point of inconveniencing themselves with a long, roundabout trip when a straight path through Samaria made more sense.

It was more than mere convenience for Jesus to take the easy route: he “had to” go through Samaria because there was a great need—impacting someone’s life for good.

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Should a Brother Compliment Another Brother?

Brothers, typically programmed to be devoid of feelings, often stay to ourselves and make decisions on our own, never venturing out to seek counsel from other brothers who may have some legitimate assistance to offer. We don’t typically congregate with other men and discuss the passive graces or fabric choices. God forbid our hands touch another man’s hands on the subway pole or we have to sit next to one another in the two vacant seats! Heaven knows that if there are two open stalls in a public bathroom, side by side, one of us is going to be holding his bladder longer. That’s just the way brothers do things.

Complimenting another man is nearly taboo. You’ll jeopardize your masculinity! Telling another man that you admire something about him or his outfit is tantamount to “being gay.” Is it really? I don’t think so. This inability to say “hey, man, nice hat!” is the result of being programmed by a society that has its gender and sexuality confused to the point where there is no freedom of emotional thought or expression without secretly—or overtly—being branded as suspicious. I believe it’s totally acceptable for men to acknowledge something that another has done well.

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Lenny Kravitz and the Choir

I’m sure all those goodly church folks have some explaining to do… Seriously, I’d party if Lenny Kravitz came to my church, too. Enjoy!

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